The principles in "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" helped me to guide my two sons in their career paths. Both of them are college students and I act as their counselor to ensure that their academic studies are not  wasted and all credits count toward their field of study. This book gave me ideas to keep my sons motivated!
Ernest Wilson
Financial Analyst

Thank you for sending the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) a copy of your book to review. Based on our review, we would like to keep the review copy in our physical library which is housed in our office located in Alexandria, Virginia and available to our members, students, and other stakeholders. In addition, your title will be placed in our online resource center which provides members with subject specific works that we believe to be valuable tools.
 American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

I thought the book was extremely helpful in teaching how to choose a college major. It gives helpful tips and strategies to lead you to your dream.
Shaiane Sanders, 11th Grade Student

On behalf of the Children Defense Fund (CDF) Haley Farm and the Langston Hughes Library, I would like to extend sincere appreciation to you for the donation of your book, School to Success, to the Langston Hughes Library. Your donation will assist the Langston Hughes Library in its mission to become one of the leading repositories of books written by African American authors. Your book will assist young people and their parents in the important preparation necessary for a bright future filled with success.
Theresa Venable, Librarian
Langston Hughes Library
CDF Haley Farm




Personal Development and Career Guidance for Parents, Schools & Organizations with Middle and High School Students 

I found "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" to be refreshing and something I wish I had while going to school. My choices in my education would have been different and I would have gone further in school. It's a must read for any parent, or educator to guide students toward proper career choices.
Juan Bogan

I love the book! "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is filled with usable tools for assessing the interests of students and guiding them toward a career that they can succeed in. The lay out is easy to follow. The information was presented in layers. Therefore, it was easy to process. I think anyone looking for a way to identify a good career choice can benefit from this book.
Sheri Robert
Teacher, Middle College High School

"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is an inspirational well written book and career guide that is easy to read and understand. An outstanding education and career guide for all ages!  I really like this book!
Allita A. Romero
Staff Sergeant, US. Air Force

Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is a great learning and preparation tool for any potential or present college student."
Joseph Wright

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. McCutcheon Research Global was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was  outstanding. Keep up the good work with global  and interesting news

Glen Williams

Connecting Life Purpose with Career Choices


What Others are Saying!

interesting news, life/career guidance vs. workplace success in Los Angeles and globally!

"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is a perfect resource guide for students and parents, who need to know the "nuts and bolts" for identifying a major and planning for a real life career. It's a nice workbook guide for middle and high school students. The information is relevant for job seekers preparing for entry into the job market.
Myrna R. Joseph
Educator & Director of Trio Program

This book, as authored by Dr. McCutcheon, is the perfect guide to help all young people in their decision to be successful in their chosen careers. A job well done!
James (Big Jim) Martin
Retired Electronics Instructor

This book is a must read for parents who want to help their child with his or her career path.

Jerry Moore, Respiratory Practitioner 

A well-designed guidebook for anyone in school, "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow", if applied as outlined is certain to lead to career advancement opportunities or enrollment in post secondary institutions that move to rewarding careers. Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr. has brilliantly delivered a results driven and unique modus operandi targeted to improve performance in students.
Sudonna Moss Logan.

Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map found in "Planning Today For Success Tomorrow". This book is a tool I recommend for each and every young adult in America, to provide foundational preparation and success-thinking for a productive life.  The Life and Career Plan and the Career Marketing Action Plan are two tools worth the investment of the book.  These tools would have been a tremendous help to me in my own life journey for making the correct decisions at the right time.  The best thing about this book is that parents and schools are encouraged to become stakeholders in the success of a young person's life. This book is an excellent guide and resource.Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map. 
 Frank Stokes
Stokes Pacifique Associates

Helping Students Choose Their College or Trade School Major and Career!

Overall, I like your detailed and practical approach to acquiring a career choice that is suitable  for one's desired interests. I especially enjoyed reading the poem on page 19 in Chapter 4.
Brenda L. Gertman         
Singer/Single Mother/Student

Dr. Moses McCutcheon's "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is useful for anyone seeking career guidance, and especially useful to middle school and high school students.  The step-by-step instructions ranging from skill discovery, to building a career portfolio, to being computer literate are excellent.  Anyone who takes the time to diligently read, apply, and work these instructions will get good results.  Additionally, this book 
is rich in wisdom for effective living that will help the reader build character.  Dr. McCutcheon has provided a wonderful tool to help people build good lives in a tough world.
 In Christ,
John Baker
Psalm 118:1 "...His love endures forever."

I like this book because it teaches students how to choose their college or trade school major and career. It is a step by step guide that teaches skills that most students need. I know many people who could benefit from this book. Although, there are many career books on the market, none of them teaches the student how to choose a college or trade school major and career. Specifically, this book teaches how to connect one's life purpose to career choices and explains how one's talents, gifts, and special abilities can be used as tools to choose a college or trade school major. This book also teaches students how to prepare their first resume and create a resume packet and life plan. Overall, an excellent guide for parents, educators, 
and students!
Aletha F. McCutcheon 

Dr. McCutcheon has done an outstanding job with"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow." This book is not only useful for the K-12 educational environment, but can be used by anyone 
who is not clear about what he or she wants to be or do. Moreover, students are taught how to choose a college or trade school major based on their life purpose. This book is easy to read and requires action on the part of the student--an excellent book and workbook guide that fills a real need. Dr. McCutcheon is to be commended for a job well done!
Mrs. Thelma Beasley, Retired Music Center Director

…I’m excited about Dr Moses McCutcheon’s new book “Planning Today for Success Tomorrow”. His approach represents a monumental leap in career development strategies, because he addresses the void in today’s educational system; that transitional period from grade school to finding the right career. He gives clear and concise instructions on how to realize one’s inherent abilities, and then he guides the student through the complex maze of choosing from 
amongst the multitude of different career paths; culminating in the choice of whether to pursue an apprenticeship program, trade school, or to attend the traditional college.
 Mesfin Seyoum, MD
Los Angeles, California

When I began reading "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow," I thought it was most applicable for young people about to make college and career choices; however, less than 10 pages into reading the book I realized that as a woman who is more than a 1/2 century in years and who is totally reinventing herself that this book is perfect for me. It contains so many valuable exercises and tools to help me reassess the direction of my life and career. I am reinventing myself thanks to this book. I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE I AM EMPOWERED TO DESIGN MY OWN CAREER. I am a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney by passion and I have been practicing law 27 years. However, I have a desire to help so many more people than I can by being in a courtroom and trying one case at a time. This book is a Must read for all of us who are reinventing ourselves, retiring from our previous employment or jobs, or are in transition in life. LIFE IS ABOUT LEARNING AND LESSONS. Thank you for a Manual that helps with learning our life lessons and being true to ourselves and our Creator.
 Maryetta C. Parks
Occupation: Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

It is never too early to get started on a career planning path. In "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow", Dr. McCutcheon has provided excellent information and thought provoking activities to help students to identify their talents, interests, and aptitude to plan for their careers! Research indicates that preparing for one's career in  middle 
school and high school will help to eliminate disappointments and unhappiness on jobs in the future. This study guide is also a valuable tool for young black males in the inner-city to get a jump start in their future endeavors. I highly recommend this book to be utilized in schools, churches, and in the home.
Jacqueline Martin, Educator

This book is a one of a kind self-help tool and career guide for all students. There is nothing in the market place like it. It is a great tool for both youth and adults.
Walter Conde

"Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is an important book for parents who have a profound interest in the educational growth and development of their children. This book clearly shows that "with the gift comes the call." The gift of course, is that of faith and grace, combining life purposes with career and educational choices. This book is a valuable tool and a call to action that will help your children 
get their educational domain in order. The two essential ingredients are life choices and career goals.
Rev. Flora J. Anderson

Connecting Education and Life Purposes with Career Choices!

I really enjoyed "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" and recommend it to any person regardless of age and education. Although I am in my late twenties, this book helped me to focus on my natural strengths and helped me discover what I would really be happy and successful in. This book helped me to see the big picture in life and taught me how to take  small steps in route to a larger goal.
Melvin Askew
Occupation: Fitness Specialist, USAF

McCutcheon Research Global (MRG) is a Veteran Owned Business.

The main thing that caught my eye about "Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" was the simplicity of the entire process. I have three children in college, one graduated and two still in  college. My son that graduated from college is going from one temporary job to another because there was no planning as indicated in this book to transition from college to work. I could even relate this to my current situation, still looking for the right job for the experience and talent I possess from the Lord. I believe that this book is the answer to my prayer. I will definitely recommend this book to all my relatives and friends. This book contains a system that will work!
Tiana Otis
Occupation: Medical Appointment Clerk