Personal Development and Career Guidance for Parents, Schools & Organizations with Middle and High School Students 

Dear Parents, Guardians, School Counselors and other Educators,

I am an education/social entrepreneur. I help parents, guardians, school counselors, teachers & other educators discover, confirm and live their dreams by helping them create, build, and run successful education businesses based on their life purpose. My focus is nonprofit entrepreneurship and I work as an Inspired Business Success Coach in the Education Industry. Here is my story:

When most high school seniors are asked what will their college or trade school major be, the answer is vague or “I don’t know.”  More than 50% of all high school seniors will admit that they do not know. I was in that group. Most of the other 50% don’t know that they don’t know. Many think they know until they are actually employed in the work place. This issue creates short and long term problems for employers. Current research indicates that more than 77% of the people in the work force hate their jobs. Many of the students who did not know what they wanted to be or do after graduation are now a major part of that 77%. The nation had 46.8 million students in 1999-2000. Based on this figure, at least half of them (23.4 million) did not have clear goals for life after graduation. In addition to the lack of clear goals, many students are not motivated to learn and are not making the connection between school and their eventual career choices.

With regard to self-employment, I knew that I wanted to start a business or be successfully employed somewhere, but like many people today, I did not know what that business or employment would be. Does this sound familiar? As a result of not knowing what business I wanted to start or in what field/industry I wanted to be employed in, I realized that I had two choices: (1) select any business and get started or (2) find a way to discover the right business for me. I could have achieved immediate results from the first option, but I would not have been happy.

The second option required me to push my business start-up date back until I could select a business that would make me happy as well as provide an adequate income. It was clear that the type of guidance I needed was not being taught. As a result of this situation, I felt uncomfortable. My inability, at the time, to make this decision was due to the lack of career guidance education and knowledge.

The lack of knowledge in this area cost me a tremendous amount of money, time, and other resources. Looking back, I discovered that this problem impacted my life 3 different times: The first time I was a high school senior, the second time I was a sophomore in college and the third time I was at the completion of a very successful military career followed by employment as a corporate executive. At each juncture, I had to conduct major research, which was costly and time consuming, to determine my next step and how to proceed. You see, many don't know that education is an investment and not an expense. School-To-Success was developed and designed to solve this problem and others listed in this letter. For additional information and questions with answers about the School To Success Opportunity for counselors and other educators, Click here:


Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D.
Founder/Author/Developer of the School To Success Training Series


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​QUESTION: What specific need does STS Fill?.


McCutcheon Research Global (MRG) is a Veteran Owned Business

Helping Students Choose Their College or Trade School Major and Career!

ANSWER: STS fills the need for career guidance and counseling in public schools, charter schools, private schools and home schools. STS mission is to help youth and adults, and especially youth ages 12-18 discover their purpose in life, set clear goals, develop life skills, and create plans to take their personal and professional life to a higher level in the areas of service, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Connecting Life Purpose with Career Choices

Who is the target audience for STS?
STS focuses on the family. Priority is given to families with children ages 12-18 who do not know what they want to be or do after graduation and at various points in their life.

Could you give some examples of the problems that STS addresses?
STS was designed to serve families/students in these situations:
Situation #1.
It seems that I want to be a doctor one minute and a lawyer the next minute. I do not know what I want to do.
Situation #2.
I am a high school senior. I plan to go to college, but cannot decide what I want for a major.
Situation #3.
I do not know what to do with my life after high school.
Situation #4.
My parents want me to be a teacher, but I want to be a musician.
Situation #5.
I feel tired and no longer motivated to do the work that I am doing now. What can I do? I feel like I am in a trap!
If you are experiencing one or more of the above-mentioned situations, the School-To-Success program can help!
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